Aptly named for its location on the peak of a long woodland range between the Shoal and Yellow rivers in the panhandle of Florida, Crestview is one of the state’s fastest growing and unique cities. As the county seat of Okaloosa County, this community is the steadfast heart of a dynamic county that only continues to get better with each new development.

Originating as an outgrowth of the burgeoning railroad services to the western reaches of Florida, Crestview was officially incorporated in 1916 and has since proceeded to grow and prosper at an astonishing rate.

A Transportation Hub

Dating back to its infancy in the early 1900’s, transportation has been an important factor to the city. Today, Crestview is known as the “Hub City” of northwestern Florida due to its location at the junction of three major highways: U.S. 90, State Road 85 and Interstate Highway 10. The railroad is still an important factor as well, with the CSX, Inc. freight line operating through the city.

The fast-growing economy of Crestview has been largely influenced by its status as a transportation nexus. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the population of Crestview as of 2013 data was 22,351, however many more residents throughout the region depend on the variegated economy enable by transportation routes. Many smaller cities throughout the county and in neighboring counties such as Covington in Alabama and DeFuniak in Walton County provide an intricate network of suppliers and consumers that has allowed Crestview to prosper.

The economy of Crestview is driven substantially by military, tourism and manufacturing. The U.S. Census Bureau reports the largest employer for Okaloosa County is the Eglin Air Force Base, which is growing substantially due to the closing of other bases. Other businesses have been rapidly coming to the city such as L-3 Crestview Aerospace, Aerospace Integrations Corporation and Lowe’s, providing a diverse base of employment for area homeowners.

Four Seasons in Florida

At an elevation of 235 feet above sea level, Crestview is one of the highest points in the state. This elevation grants this humid subtropical region a bit of reprieve from the heat in the winter time. Known as the “icebox of Florida,” Crestview has some of the coldest winters in the state and is one of the only metropolitan areas in Florida that can offer its residents something akin to four seasons.

No matter what season it is, there is always something exciting to do in Crestview. The region is home to quite a few museums and monuments that commemorate the strong military presence in the area including Carver-Hill Museum, Baker Block Museum, the Heritage Museum, the Air Force Armament Museum and Indian Mound Museum.

About the Area

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